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Business and Transaction Advisory

Determining whether to purchase another business in order to expand geographically, acquire new customers, technology or products, or for any other reason, is one of the most important decisions a business owner can make. Similarly, selling a business is something most business owners do once in a lifetime. One thing is certain – acquiring or selling a company is a complex undertaking and calls for a well thought out plan and proper execution.

AdvisoBridge can play a central role in these transactions by helping business owners develop an acquisition or sale strategy and directing many of the complex activities necessary to bring about a successful transaction.

Small Business Transaction Advisory

Improve the Value of your Business

Our advisory services can help improve the value of your business. We offer expertise in uncovering market opportunities, leveraging data analytics to improve decision-making, and implementing cost-saving strategies to maximize profits. We also can to explore other revenue streams that can increase the value of your business.


Business Review and Evaluation

If you are in a position to sell, we can help position your business to achieve the highest value possible in the market. At AdvisoBridge we can also assist in the review and/or preparation of financial statements and projections.

If you are looking to make an acquisition, we can help evaluate the financial position of the target. As part of an acquisition, careful due diligence; operational, commercial, legal and financial, are key to a successful deal. With our financial expertise AdvisoBridge can assist in the financial review to help identify any potential "red flags" and work alongside the other advisors.


Coordinate with External Parties

Managing the various aspects of a transaction can be daunting. At AdvisoBridge we can help manage the lifecycle of the transaction and coordinate with other advisors, brokers, investment bankers, attorneys, tax specialist, auditors and lending institutions.


Post Acquisition Transaction and Integration

Following the closing of an acquisition we can help review post-close  working capital adjustments and if necessary, help create a plan of integration and assist with the implementation. 

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