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Start Up Finance and Accounting Advisory

Whether you are starting up a bootstrapped enterprise or you plan to raise or have raised outside capital from family and friends, angel investors or VC capital, we can help get your finances in order along your journey.


For start-up companies, we provide tailored finance and accounting advisory services to help navigate the complexities of financial management. From establishing accounting systems to creating financial dashboards, to raising capital. We offer comprehensive support to ensure financial stability and growth for new ventures.

Start up Finance and Accounting Advisory


Banking and Entity Set up

Finding the right banking relationship is important. It must service your businesses needs without "breaking the bank" in fees and expenses. Depending on your business model, finding a financial institution with the right service level is paramount at onset and important to support the business's growth.


AdvisoBridge can also assist with the entity selection (corporation, LLC, partnership) that will be most beneficial as well as manage the registration and administration of the entity with the various regulatory bodies.


Set up and Implementation of an Accounting/ ERP system

Rightsizing your accounting system for your business is a key step in the accuracy of financial data for reporting and more importantly business information for data driven decision making. 

AdvisoBridge can assist with the selection and implementation of the right accounting or ERP system that is suited for your business within your budget. We can also help create financial and accounting policies and procedures to make sure the right controls are in place. 


Ongoing Accounting and Finance Support

While your company is in an early growth stage, hiring a full time finance & accounting staff may be cost prohibitive. AdvisoBridge can assist in a cost efficient manner with your bookkeeping and financial presentation for your outside investors, lenders, board of directors and/or partners. We can also support and coordinate an audit and any other regulatory reporting. When the time comes to bring in full time staff, we will help find the right candidate, from both a technical and cultural fit, and once selected, get them up to speed quickly. We will stay on as necessary to make sure the finance and accounting function has transitioned and be within reach to address any follow up queries.


Financial Modeling, Forecasting and Budgeting

Converting all your accounting and finance data into a format that supports data driven strategic insight can be a challenging task. We can help transform historic data to provide business insight/intelligence, create budgets and financial projections, and create models to help entrepreneurs visualize various scenarios.

AdvisoBridge can help create key data dashboards and models that are automated, sustainable and user friendly regardless of the sophistication of the accounting software or ERP system selected. 


Capital Raising

As with any new enterprise, the availability and access of capital is most vital to continue growth. There are a myriad of capital sources for your start up business, let us help prepare your fundraising material to exhibit the clarity of concept and supporting data to back up the future growth potential.

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